Interview Michelle de Lima “Browsing your way to beauty”


Perfectly shaped eyebrows are a hot trend right now and it is hard to find someone you can trust with yours. We chat to Michelle de Lima, owner of Just Browzing, a mobile brow bar that redefines the art of eyebrow shaping, about life, business, love and everything in-between.

Credit photo : Michelle de Lima


March 5 th, 2015

  1. Hello, Mich! I hate to be cliché, but please tell me a bit more about yourself and what you do?


Beautiful shaped eyebrows have become the new best thing to have and so I made it my business to know about it and learned to shape brows to suit one’s face and features. This platform also allowed me to combine my make-up skills and teach women how to do it for themselves. I am fortunate to do what I love!


  1. What ignites the fire in your soul and gets you going?


I find it extremely motivating and deeply rewarding being able to play a small part making people feel good about themselves. As a woman, I believe in empowering other women in my own little way by teaching them how to enhance their own beautiful, unique features with a stroke of a make-up brush and by putting back the WOW factor in their eyebrows. This gives every woman an instant ‘pick-me-up’ and confidence to face the world.  I love the satisfied look after every session with a client when they realise their own natural beauty by doing something as simple as shaping their eyebrows beautifully.


  1. You are fortunate enough to be living out your dream and doing what you love. What don’t we know about what it really takes to make it happen?


To paraphrase something I read on one of the social media platforms: “The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately.” Nothing worthwhile comes without hard work and dedication. The big thing is to never give up while being passionate about what you do.


  1. If you could go back into time and whisper some words of wisdom in 18-year-old Michelle’s ear, what would you tell her?


Life is about experiences: learning and growing as an individual. People underestimate their journey of self-discovery. This is why I maintain that getting into a serious relationship at an early age short-changes a person in their journey. So often we become who someone else thinks we should be and you lose sight of your unique self, dreams and desires. You also end up in an endless spiral of pleasing others by placing their needs above your own. Learning and taking time to discover oneself is a rewarding feeling and makes one a better person and partner, as well as friend. Also…good shaped eyebrows will help you conquer the world!



  1. What do you think a woman’s role in the world is?


Society dictates so much about what we as women should be and we conform to all the crazy ideas. Personally I would say take some pressure off yourself and learn, discover and grow into the woman you want to be. Find what makes you tick and stop trying to be what people dictate to you. Learn to say no because it is ok to say no…find the balance and don’t be scared to ask for help. You will then become a far happier, satisfied individual. Loving people will come naturally and then your strength, happiness and kindness will inspire others to do the same.

Your natural instinct to nurture and take care of others will be without burden.


  1. What is on your 5-year to-do-list?


  • I would like to build an eyebrow and make-up empire, changing the world one eyebrow at a time
  • Visit New York
  • Buy a property by the sea – holiday home


  1. You have a great body. Any workout tips and diet ideas?


[laughs] What is that?

I believe that if you eat what you like, in moderation of course, you will have nothing to crave.


  1. What do you do to relax and unwind?


Don’t judge me…but I love to get comfy on my couch with a good movie or series and sleep!

I also love good food so going out for a great meal makes me happy and believe it or not, relaxes me.


  1. Are you reading any interesting books right now?


I do enjoy autobiographies and I am currently sitting on My Steve by Terri Irwin.



  1. Is there a special person in your life right now? What made you fall for him?


Yes, there is a very special guy in my life. My partner and I have been together for the past 19 years and until today, his kindness and selflessness towards me and other people is still the thing that makes me love him. Then there are those hazel eyes…


  1. You get home after a few months away. What do you want to eat upon arrival?


As a good hometown girl my knees go weak and my stomach crazy for my Dad’s “gebraaide snoek en soet-patats” (grilled snoek and sweet potatoes).


  1. Visa has been approved, passport is valid and your bags are packed; dream destination?


[Sings] start spreading the news…New York-New York, without a doubt!


  1. Which style trend needs to be thrown off the face of the earth?


Definitely shaved and painted on eyebrows!


  1. Which summer style trends do you love?


I love the care free style of boho-chic and the fabulous colour trends for this summer – colour makes me happy! 


  1. What type of fashionista are you? Do you love the labels and high end clothes or do you prefer the thrift store chic?


Thrift shop girl all the way! I believe I can always get more bang for my buck.


  1. Life can be challenging at times. What would you say to someone about to give up hope?


Obviously it depends on the situation. I will try encouraging them by speaking a word of faith to their hearts. I know it is a sure thing and will change any situation or circumstance. Giving up is never an option but drawing near to God is…


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