CHAD FightagainstBoko Haram


On 17 JanuaryChadiantroops responded to the callof the CameroonianPresident PaulBiya,crossingthe Cameroon borderto fightNigerianjihadistgroup Boko Haram



February 7 th, 2015

. On 3 Februarythe Chadian army penetratedNigerian territoryto take controlof the city ofGamborufrom theIslamic sect. For several months, the Chadian presidentalertedthe international community aboutthe very seriousrisk ofregional destabilisationcaused bythe spread ofviolence committed byjihadistsBoko Haramin northernNigeria.

  • Nov 26

    Youngest Microsoft graduate

    The youngest Microsoft graduate made headline news in British newspapers. Ayan Qureshi (5) poses next to his computer