HEALTH New recommendationsonamount of sleep


A US studyhas publishedresults specific toeach age group. Forinfants(up to 3months), it is advisable to sleepbetween


February 11 th, 2015

14 and 17hours;for babies (4-11 months)12 to 15 hours, andfortoddlers (1 to 2 years),11 to 14 hours. Children from 3to 5 years should sleep for 10 to 13hours per day and school age children (6-13 years) for9-11hours.The idealamount of sleepfor teenagers(13to 18)isbetween 8 and 10hours andfor young adults(18-25 years)and adults(26to 64) it is 7 to 9 hours. Finally,old people shouldsleep between 7 and 8hours.

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