GREECE "We must respect the Greekvote andEU rules"


The tonewas furtherhardenedMondaybetween the Greek governmentanditsEuro zone partners. TheGreek Prime MinisterAlexis



February 11 th, 2015

Tsiprasreiterated that hewould not extendthe aid package, which provides for the maintenanceof austerity. He reiterates the callforthe establishmentofbridge financinguntilJune 1in order togive timeto Greeceto find waysto establisha "new deal", which would take effecton 1 September.Germanyitself remains in afirm position, urging Greeceto submitto the Europeans.

  • Nov 26

    Youngest Microsoft graduate

    The youngest Microsoft graduate made headline news in British newspapers. Ayan Qureshi (5) poses next to his computer