USA September 11:suspension of apreliminary hearing


Pausedfor nearlysix months,preliminary hearingsfor the trialof accusedof the September 11attacks resumedon Monday at Guantanamobut had tobe stoppedimmediately.


February 11 th, 2015

One of the fivedefendants,YemeniRamziBinAl-Chaiba, told the judgethat he couldnot "trust" his interpreterbecause he had"worked on a blacksite with the CIA," and has "known it since then." "We haveexactly the same problem,” said CherylBormann, counsel for the accusedWalidBenAttach. “My clienttold methis morning thattherewassomeonein the room whowas involved inthe illegaltorture."


  • Nov 26

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