CRIME Serial killer goes for psych observation


Pretoria – AndriesMkgae was sent to a month of psychiatric observation to determine if he is mentally ill and fit to stand trial. The alleged serial rapist and killer appeared before the Nort


February 25 th, 2015

h Gauteng High Court and the case was postponed to 27 July. Among his victims were Juliet Mokgatla (69), last seen alive on 4 February; an unknown woman in the same area in December 2012; Praise Mpatsi (29), raped in January 2013 and found decomposed in bushes; another woman (44) on 14 January 2013 and his best friend, Sam Mufuleka, killed on 14 July, 2013. He reportedly told police he had targeted women out of anger after finding out his wife was a prostitute.

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