Kelly’s execution delayed till Monday

After Lena Baker, Kelly Renee Gissendaner (46) will be the first female prisoner to be executed by the State of Georgia in 70 years, reported Reuters on Wednesday. 

Kelly Renee was scheduled to receive a lethal injection on Wednesday at 7pm but it was delayed until Monday due to a winter storm which had been forecasted to hit the state of Georgia, the Department of Corrections said in a statement.

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February 27 th, 2015

Plotting her husband’s murder

She was convicted of murder in February 1997, asking her boyfriend to slay her husband Douglas in a remote area after kidnapping him. Prosecutors said she persuaded her boyfriend Gregory Owen to murder her husband. The family of her diseased husband is in favour her execution, reported 11Alive.

Authorities said she wanted to kill her husband whom she had divorced and then remarried. She then began to ask her boyfriend Owen how to get rid of Douglas, but Owen proposed divorce, a proposal which she was not in favour of because her husband would never leave her alone. After several discussions, the pair agreed to the murder which Owen carried out on 7 February, 1997. He stabbed him several times in a remote area after having burnt out his car. His body was discovered a week later.

Making amends

In the clemency application, her lawyers said she admitted she was fully responsible for the murder and was ready to seek redemption through spiritual growth and doing charity services to others. Gissendaner herself added in the application: 'There are no excuses for what I did. I will never understand how I let myself fall into such evil.' 

Clemency application rejected

On Tuesday, she had appealed to the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles for clemency but her request had been denied on Wednesday. Though 21 people, including her daughter, asked the court to spare her life, the court still maintained its decision to carry out the execution. Her daughter Kayla wrote in a clemency application: “The impact of losing my mother would be devastating. I can't fathom losing another parent”, 11 live reported.

Last South African woman executed

The last execution carried out by the South African government was in November 1989. Sandra Smith was the last South African woman to be executed. She was convicted of murder and was executed on 2 June the same year. Though President FW De Klerk announced the suspension of death penalty in 1990, two other executions were sill carried out in 1990 and 1991. The death penalty was finally abolished in 1995 and its possible reinstatement requires significant public support.






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