Conjoined twins successfully separated

Texas Children's Hospital announced on Monday Knatalyne Hope and Adeline Faith, 10 month-old conjoined twins were successfully separated on 17 February. Doctors completed the surgery, a procedure which took about twenty six hours.

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March 2 nd, 2015

Born conjoined

Knatalyne Hope and Adeline faith were born on 11 April 2014, joined at the chest and abdomen, and sharing many vital organs. The family moved from Lubbock to Houston after learning that the twins were conjoined in the womb. They made plans at that time to deliver them at the Children’s hospital in Houston. Doctors started the surgery preparations even before their birth.

A risky challenge

It took Surgeons 26 hours to successfully separate the 10-month-old conjoined twins. The entire operation gathered different specialists including specialists in paediatric surgery, plastic surgery, cardiovascular surgery, urology, liver transplant surgery, orthopaedic surgery and paediatric gynaecology. They had been separated them from their chest wall, lungs, the lining of the heart, diaphragm, liver, intestines, colon and pelvis. They had undergone several surgeries before that final stage of separation.

Hope and Faith go hand in hand

Irrespective of the complications and some serious challenges, Elysse Mata, mother of Faith and Hope believed her daughters would survive the surgery and be able to live individually. She proved that hope and faith go hand in hand. She expressed her gratitude to the hospital’s staff, doctors, nurses, administration and everyone who has been there for her angels, Faith and Hope "We know how much planning and time went into this surgery and we are so blessed to be at a place like Texas Children's where we have access to the surgeons and caretakers that have made this dream a reality.”

It has been a week since the twin girls came out of the risky and complicated surgery, thanks to the help of the team from Texas Children’s Foetal Centre. They are doing well now and still need intensive care for a few more months.

After being nose to nose, heart to heart, for 10 months, Faith and Hope can now live as normal individuals and have their own personality. As the girls’ surgery has been completed, Eric and Elysse are now preparing their home and to bring the girls home.


Latest news from the parents


“Faith and Hope are doing great, they are both fully closed now and soon will be off the vent and in our arms. This week they will try to start feeding them again! Thank you so much for your continued prayers! We love you all!”






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