Esther(10) starts a maths degree

Esther Okade(10) from Walsall, West Midlands had never been to school when she enrolled for mathematics at the Open University, a university that offers distance learning.

Unlike other children, brainy Esther remains focused on her degree despite her love for dolls. Esther already wanted to go to college when she was 7 but her mother (also a mathematician) was afraid it was too soon. But mother finally granted her request three years later. “Mom, it about time I started university now”, Esther said with determination.  She enrolled three weeks ago and is already top of the class, scoring 100 percent during a recent test. Esther’s mother said: “Applying to the university was an interesting process because of her age.” 

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March 3 rd, 2015

Born in a smart family

She is not the only super-gifted member of the family: her 6-year-old brother Isaiah is also already taking an A-level in maths. Remarkably, both Esther and Isaiah have never been to school but are home-schooled by their mother. Little Isaiah appears to be followingin his sister’s footsteps; he is currently preparing the equivalent of her studies in mathematics. Mom said: "Even when he was in my tummy, Esther was already teaching him."

Father’s pride at her achievement

Her father Paul (42) spoke of his pride over his daughter’s amazing achievement. “The desire of every parent is to see their children exceed them, and take the family name to great heights. My children have done just that”, Paul said.

Esther’s future career

She already talks about her future plans. She shared her dream of becoming a bank owner and a millionaire one daywith her mom. “She has a lot of plans and talks a lot about finances”, mother said. After completing her degree, she hopes to get her PHD before running her own bank.

Super-sensitive needs

Gifted children widely differ from each other and entail correspondingly diverse handling. Many experts say that only 3 to 5 % of the population is gifted while some other studiessuggest that one tenth of 1 % is “profoundly gifted.” Still according to many experts, super-giftedness is associated with super-sensitiveneeds. They are very creative, inventive, have high expectations and acquire and retain information very quickly and therefore, they have to be integrated in the right environment. Prof. Ellen Winner (Psychology) shares the importance of a special approach in assisting gifted children. "Parents must play an important role in making the opportunities available for their child's talents to grow," she said, "but we can't ignore the powerful role of biology in determining whether there is any gift for the environment to develop."



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