Flight MH370: 239 still missing

One year later, the Malaysian Airlines crash with 239 people on board still remains as a mystery.

No single debris and life of the vanishing Malaysian airlines have been discovered a year after the crash. Despite the extensive, long international search in the Southern Indian Ocean where authorities believed the plane had disappeared, there has been no trace of where it crashed. In late January, the Malaysian government officially declared the disappearance as an accident and that the 239 people on board were dead. "We officially declare Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 an accident...and that all 239 of the passengers and crew onboard MH370 are presumed to have lost their lives," Department of Civil Aviation Director-General Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said

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March 9 th, 2015



Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, went missing on 8 March, 2014. Air traffic controllers did not even know where the plane went. Radar and satellite data suggested it ended its journey in the seas far west of the Australian city of Perth.

Most of passengers on board were Chinese and Malaysian. After late January’s official declaration by authorities, victims’ family said they did not want any compensation, they only want their relatives to come back to them. Zhang Qian, whose husband was on the plane, said: "We don't need compensation and we would be more than glad not to ask for a dime if my husband comes back to me."

Father of deceased wants the truth

A man, whose wife Laurence and his two children, Adrian (17) and Amber (13) were on the Boeing Malaysia Airlines MH370. He wanted to find out what exactly had happened. Ghyslain Wattrelos believed authorities are "hiding something."

He said in tears that he had received no answers to his questions and was convinced that authorities were hiding something. He said they must hide something because of the inconsistency of the investigation and conflicting statements by the authorities, which he believed to be responsible for the accident.

“Military knew exactly what happened”, he claimed. He did not believe the plane crashed in the area where it was alleged. “There is something illogical about that”, he reiterated.

Search completed by end of May

The search of the Malaysian flight was conducted by an international team. One year later, with no tangible results, the Australian, Chinese and Malaysian governments still combine efforts to continue the search. The Australian government said the search will be completed by the end of May. “The crews are working […] 24/7, trying to make sure that they are systematic and methodical and don’t miss anything. We need to be cautious and need to make sure we have covered all of this area first before moving on”, Judith Zielke, chief coordinator of the joint agency coordination centre, said. The Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, paid tribute on Sunday to the people undertaking the search.  He said in a statement: “Malaysia has brought together a huge international team to find the plane and we will never forget the dedication of those who have helped.”





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