Murder: wife's last words to husband


AUSTRALIA – Her last words to her husband, who stays in India, were "Darling, he stabbed me...”

A 41-year-old woman was stabbed to death in a park in Sydney while she was speaking withher husband on the phone, said local press Monday. Prabha Arun Kumar was stabbed at around 9:30pm on Saturday night while taking a shortcut through the ParramattaPark to go to her homein western Sydney.

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March 10 th, 2015



Surveillance footage released by the police showed that this Indian info-tech professional came out of the Parramatta train station, apparently relaxed as she walked towards the park where she was later going to be killed.

"Darling, he stabbed me…"

“Mrs Kumar was on the phone speaking with her husband at the time of the assault”, said Squad commander Mick Willing. Her last words to her husband were, “Darling, he stabbed me…" After those words, the conversation abruptly ended.

The victim was discovered by a passer-by shortly after the assault. She was rushed to a nearby hospital but she had lost too much blood and doctors were unable not save her.

Police said no arrests have been made so far but appealed to any witnesses to come forward with information. 

Husband shocked at her death

The woman's husband, Arun, who lives in India with their 9-year old daughter, flew into Sydney from Bangalore on Sunday night, where he was reportedly shocked by his wife’s death. "My uncle left for Australia alone at12:20am, as he was only person with a valid VISA in the family. Their 9-year-old daughter is with us, unaware of what has happened to her mother," the victim’s nephew Thrijesh Jayachandr said. The victim had reportedly planned to visit her family in India in June after 3 years of separation. 

Being followed

The victim’s brother-in-law said she had been followed before the attack. "She was walking while talking to Arun (her husband) on the phone when she said that a suspicious looking man was following her," he said.


Some Indian students interpreted this act as racism because there have been a number of assaults on Indian students in Australia before Kumar’s murder. On Monday, the foreign ministry spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin said on Tweeter that India's consul general was "pursuing [the] issue of Mrs Prabha Arun Kumar's sad death with the New South Wales Premier".


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