ENERGY High demand, low supply

Eskom sees the situation tough as the cash-strapped utility had drastically cut 2,000MW from the gird. Eskom has to manage power consumption by balancing the demand from exceeding its capacity. The situation is evident:


January 28 th, 2015

South African electricity demand was higher than the available capacity during the past week. Stage one load shedding began Monday morning for twelve hours. Eskom asked consumers and businesses to be frugal with the electricity use by switching off office equipment, not leaving them in standby mode. All non-essential lights and machineries in all industries, shopping malls and office blocks should be turned off.  Load shedding will continue until Friday.





Officers in contempt of court


Johannesburg - Three military officers failed to appear in a civilian court last week, namely Brigadier-General XolaniMankayi, Colonel NkhabuNthejane and Lieutenant Colonel SiphowoMphahlwaMankayi .Charges were laid in 2014 when SAPS members arrested SANDF members. They accused SANDF members oftransporting military units in armoured vehicles, swearing and threatening policemen when they demanded the release of their colleagues. The trio appeared in the Martial court during November. They were supposed to appear in civil court last week. A warrant has been issued for their arrest for failure to appear before court.


  • Nov 26

    Youngest Microsoft graduate

    The youngest Microsoft graduate made headline news in British newspapers. Ayan Qureshi (5) poses next to his computer