ENERGY Zuma’s power plan


Cape Town - Sustainable energy is SA’s priority with R32 billion set aside for the next fiscal year, President Zumasaid.


February 14 th, 2015

He admitted that SA’s energy crisis has impended economic growth. Eskom has been working round-the-clock. A switch from diesel to gas would be profitable in view of last year’s Phakisa ocean economy initiative that unveiled more oil and gas resources. Other long-term energy solutions have been implemented like petroleum, nuclear and hydropower. The government has signed nuclear proposal with US, South Korea, Russia, France and China, from which the future nuclear unit gird would retire parts of Eskom’s ageing power plants by 2023. Jacob Zuma promised that SA will have access to over 15,000MW out of 48,000MW generated by the Grand Inga Hydro-electrical project.


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