CRIME Injected with heroin, thrown off cliff


Cape Town – Johan Kieser (65) was thrown alive off of a cliff near Ceres in January after being injected with heroin. Linda Siebrits


February 25 th, 2015

(38), CharisDoubell (32) and Hendrik Bonzaaier (30) were involved in the killing. They are charged with murder, attempted murder, robbery, theft and drug possession. Kieser was at home when they injected him heroin to get the PIN number of his bank cards in order to buy more drugs. Kieser overdosed and was brought out and thrown off the cliff before they made off the money in the night club. The women are suspected to be prostitutes and Bonzaaier their alleged pimp. The trial will continue on 29 April. Bail was denied. Kennel was a famous dog breeder.


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