- Serial rapists’ trial continues



March 5 th, 2015

Mbombela– Johan JabulaniMlombo (48) and his wife, Sister MapalaseKhoza (41) has used their initiation school in Mpumlanga as a sex den. Twenty-one girls, between the ages of 9 to 17, were raped and physically abused several times. The couple raped the girls one by one at night after they bathed at a river. One of the 21 girls testified that she was called by Khoza to see the big initiation. Though she refused, she was forced to enter and was locked inside a dark room with a male person. After giving her a cup of water, the naked man touched her to remove her panties and climbed on top of her and raped her. Khoza also used to assault and hit these girls with a stick. Both accused pleaded not guilty and were granted R1,000 each. The trial continues.

  • Nov 26

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