Cape fire aftermath


March 10 th, 2015





Cape Town– The Cape fire has finally been extinguished as reported by the city's Disaster Risk Management. The fire erupted on 1 March and was broughtbunder control but the nex,t day a strong wind fanned it and it flared up again in Muizenberg. It spread to Chapman's Peak, HoutBay, Ou KaapseWegand Tokai. Thirteen properties were ravaged, including Tintswalo Lodge. Five hundred people had been evacuated since the fire started. Fifty-two residents were victims of smoke inhalation. Two thousand firefighters and 26 aerial units extinguished the fire. One hundred ninety-eight flying hours, estimated at R2.4m, were spent. Two million litres of water had been dumped. The Cape fire will be remembered by the loss of Colonel Willem “Bees” Marais, who died in a helicopter crash while fighting the blaze.


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