Gauteng transportation statistics


April 1 st, 2015

Johannesburg – SA statistics showed on Tuesday that nearly half of all Gauteng students walk on foot to school, 22% uses taxi, 21% are passengers in a car and 2% uses the train. Students attending higher education institutions mostly drive their own car and 32.2% use a taxi. From pre-school to higher education facilities, the survey counted 3.2 million students, 83% in the metropolitan area, 14% in urban areas and 3% rural areas. Public transportation is used by 43% of Gauteng workers, 44% uses private transport and 13% walk home.  Over two million workers use public transport: 71% by taxi, 17% by train and 13% by bus. Car owners count about 39% of households and 5% has access to a company car. 

Anjaka R

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