SA helps xenophobia victims


April 7 th, 2015

Johannesburg – The government would help foreigners who were cast out their homes by xenophobic violence, a week after the attack near Durban. Minister of Home Affairs would help foreigners go back to their countries if they wanted to. SA’s constitution says that everyone within its borders is entitled to dignity, shelter, etc. Foreign victims are now living in tents at a playground. The attack in Isipingo occurred after the Zulu king, Goodwill Zwelithini, said immigrants should pack their bags and leave South Africa. Edward Zuma supported the idea, saying that “the country is sitting on a ticking time bomb [because] of them [foreigners] taking over the country”. KZN premier Senzo Mchunu, however, condemned any form of violence against another human being.

Anjaka R.

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