SA’s 2-year-old DJ


April 11 th, 2015

Johannesburg – Videos of an amazing and talented toddler DJ went viral on SA’s social media, with nearly 25,000 fans and followers. DJ AJ, just two years old, made an appearance at a shopping mall. People marvelled while they recorded videos of the little child bopping his head to the beat with a large headphones slipping off. His skill was developed parentally when his father decided to buy an iPad for his unborn son. Glen Holongwane downloaded apps to speed up his child’s education among which a disc jockeying app for himself. Just a year old, DJ AJ learned to manipulate the gadget and began to fiddle with his father’s DJ app. Still in diapers, it’s a blow to see him playing with sound effects and bouncing between songs.


Anjaka R.


Credit photo: © Levente Gyori | Dreamstime.com


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