Mugabe accuses Westerners of domination


April 13 th, 2015

Pretoria – Zimbabwean President RobertMugabe,launched an attack on Westerners, the UN and especially France during his two day visit to South Africa.Mugabe was quoted saying that he felt that the struggle for independence justified the invasion of farms held by Westerners. Mugabe did not miss the opportunity to denounce the plundering of natural resources that belong to Africa. The current Chairman of the African Union called on French-speaking countries to regain their economic independence, stressing that only half of all African countries haveachieved independence. Moreover, Zimbabwean president asked and urged SA and SA businessmen to contribute and invest in Zimbabwe. There are more than one million Zimbabweans  in SA who have fled from poverty and political violence that exist in their country.

Anjaka R.

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