Young mother’s second chance


April 14 th, 2015

Pietermaritzburg – A single mother was freed by the KZN High Court on Monday for a second chance to repair her fatal mistake. She was prescribed a 5-year suspended jail sentence for strangling her paralysed 2-year-old child to death. Judge Anton van Zyl said there were compelling circumstances in her favour. Nontobeko Mosene could not afford to feed her child. The child’s father left her. Her mother is alcoholic. Her family is unable to help. Though Mosene (20) pleaded guilty in October 2014to the atrocious act and she was pre-sentenced while in custody. Receiving a state grant, she found part time job paying R30 per day to treat her child at Grey’s Hospital. The sentence reflects her underlying tragedy of hopelessness and desperation, according to Judge van Zyl. She’s not a criminal and not likely to be a repeat offender. She is also not a danger to society. The mother broke down when she was told she’s free. 

Anjaka R.

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