Malawians prepare to head back home


April 14 th, 2015

Durban – The Malawian government decided to repatriate its people from South Africa after the outbreak of xenophobic violence in Durban. More than 360 Malawians are homeless now. They have lost everything, including their passports. The attacks come three months after a similar case occurred on foreign-owned shops in Soweto. Over 1,000 foreigners fled their homes and have to live in tents under police guard. About 50 people have been arrested, including 28 on Sunday night alone. The Malawian embassy in Pretoria is now preparing temporary travel documents for its citizens. Most Malawians come to South Africa to escape poverty in the country. Violence against migrants is common in South Africa with South Africans accusing foreigners of taking jobs and businesses.

Anjaka R.

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