Fuel price to decrease in May


April 17 th, 2015

Pretoria – The Automobile Association (AA) said that a slight drop in the fuel price will happen in May. The prediction is evaluated by previous data of the Central Energy Fund. In January, prices dropped by R1.23/litre for 95 octane petrol and R1.27/litre for 93 octane petrol because of the weak rand/dollar exchange rate on international oil price. The retail price dropped by 93c/litre in February while it increased by 96c/litre on petrol, 74 on diesel and 73 on paraffin in March. The average rand/dollar exchange rate has kept the price stabile during the past month.  The current data suggests a drop in the petrol price in May at 17c/litre and diesel 22c/litre. An optimistic month for motorists!


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