We are All African

Thousands of people took to the street on Thursday to join the peace march against Xenophobia in Durban.

About 5000 people marched through Durban on Thursday, chanting: “Down with xenophobia!” and “A United Africa’’ at the event attended by religious and political leaders. The march turned into chaos as police were using tear gas and water canons to disperse looters trying to loot foreign-owned shops.

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April 18 th, 2015



Poverty is Africa’s common enemy

Political leaders expressed their concern, condemning the attacks which have caused death and thousands to flee. KZN Premier Sensu Mchunu said: "Our enemy as Africans is poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and diseases that are ravaging our people. Our enemy is not our nationalities. That is not our enemy; we are one. We are here after a long march to say 'No to xenophobia’. We must respect one another, we must respect foreign nationals. This is a march for peace," he said loudly. Despite the fact that the march turned violent, he reiterated that: "Today is a very important day; not only in KwaZulu-Natal, but in South Africa. Today we made our stand known throughout the continent and the world."

Plans to restore peace

President Jacob Zuma also has condemned the attacks, and admits the government has failed to immediately tackle the issues behind these attacks. He said: 'This now must stop, because we cannot continue killing one another. Celebrations in May will promote our African identities. We look forward to the celebration of Africa day in every province….We also reaffirm our responsibility to contribute to a better world – let’s work together.”

SA proudly African

We are people of the rainbow Nation because SA is a melting pot of people and cultures from all over the continent. We have fought for our common freedom, having our identity in the family of the billion Africans who live in Africa, who share a common destiny.  Former President Thabo Mbeki said: “As Africans, we will never become enemies of other Africans.” On 25 May, South Africa will join all Africans from all walks of life to mark the liberation movements, and the determination of the people of Africa to free themselves from foreign domination and exploitation. That is the right moment to prove that SA is home to all Africans and like all Africans, we take pride in this sense of shared identity.

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