R1,000 fine per bottle of fake whisky


April 23 rd, 2015



Pretoria - The Scotch Whisky Association, Chivas Brothers and Chivas Holdings, took the Centurion company Vintage Liquor to the Pretoria High Court for selling “whis-key” using the word “clan” in large letters on their label. The label depicts a man dressed in Scottish apparel with phrases “ultra fine”, “ultra smooth” and ‘whiskey flavoured”. Magnus von Schultz, a Scottish solicitor, said the product, produced and bottled in SA, is fake and should not be allowed to use the wording ‘Clan’ on the label. Customers are fooled thinking they’ve bought Scottish whisky. Protected by UK and EU legislation, Scotch whisky has been around for more than a hundred years with more than R2.8bn exported to SA in 2013. The court has set the fine at R1,000  per infringed bottle.

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