Deportation of undocumented aliens


May 18 th, 2015

Pretoria - After the xenophobic violence, more than 400 Mozambicans were recently deported from the country, Pretoria authorities proudly announced on Sunday through a statement sent to KOACI. SA government announced that 3,914 immigrants have been arrested and 1,650 are without residence permits. In response, Maputo Minister of Foreign Affairs apologised for being unable to have constructive discussions with Pretoria about the violence and the arrests of his countrymen. About 427 Mozambicans were being held at a Johannesburg detention camp. Police has conducted fingerprints scans for further investigation. The immigrants will be repatriated soon. Since the violence, 5,645 foreign nationals have chosen to leave the country, including 3,506 Malawians, 1,440 Zimbabweans and 17 Tanzanians.  


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