Strong Girl to empower women and Africa



May 21 st, 2015

The song Strong Girl has finally been released. The recording was done between 27 April and 1 May in Johannesburg to support the campaign Poverty is sexist. Eight beautiful African female artists worked together: Ariell T of Gabon, Blessing and Gabriela of Mozambique, Judith Sephuma of South Africa, Selmor Mtukudzi of Zimbabwe, Vanessa MDEE of Tanzania, Victoria Kimani of Kenya, Yemi Alade Waje of Nigeria. Strong Girl is an invitation to solidarity of all women around the world, without exception, to set a good example, keep the vision high and remain strong, despite obstacles. The rallying hymn exhorts political leaders to empower women for sustainable development and fight against poverty in Africa and the world.

  • Nov 26

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