Post-apartheid in a nutshell


May 29 th, 2015

SA - With all various causes, including conflict and underdevelopment, the fight against poverty and frequent migration have become major issues worldwide. This is also the case in South Africa, the second most powerful country in Africa, 21 years after the end of apartheid. The country has significant gaps in employment, housing and services, coupled with HIV/AIDS, substance abuse and violent practices inherited from the past. All these factors, combined with the presence of the one million immigrants from across Africa, caused hostility and xenophobic attacks that impacted on almost 52 million South Africans. SA government has been called to fix and strengthen unity and brotherhood between all Africans.


  • Nov 26

    Youngest Microsoft graduate

    The youngest Microsoft graduate made headline news in British newspapers. Ayan Qureshi (5) poses next to his computer