NEWS What happened in Pretoria this week?

Zuma’s salary increase approved

President Zuma’s 5% salary increase has been approved, despite opposition parties’ desperate fight against it. Zuma’s increase was recommended in January and was approved Thursday afternoon. Zuma will now earn just over R2.7 million a year, according to reports. The increase will be backdated to April 1, 20015.



June 6 th, 2015

Drug addict sentenced for ‘gay’ murder
Juda Plekenpol (32) was sentenced by the Gauteng North High Court to 24 years in prison for killing Louis Eksteen (45). Plekenpol, who admitted to being a male prostitute since he was 12, was on parole for attacking another friend when he murdered Eksteen. Eksteen’s mother discovered his bloodied body in the bathroom three days after he was murdered. Plekenpol claims Eksteen touched his hand in what he (Plekenpol) regarded as a ‘sexual manner’. Ekteen’s mother told reporters she had forgiven her son’s murderer, but she believed he was lying because her son was not gay.


Soshanguve’s RDP ‘criminal havens’


According to the Democratic Alliance’s Ward Councilor Wildri Peach, RDP houses in Soshanguve x 6 have become a haven for criminals. The RDP houses have been completed almost two years ago, but have not been allocated to anyone yet. Still according to Peach, criminals use the empty houses as a hideaway and for conducting criminal activities. Passers-by have been mugged and assaulted. Reports have surfaced in resent weeks of nyaope usage, assaults and mugging of passers-by, according to Peach.

 “In a country which has a housing shortage, with people subjected to undignified living conditions, the poor planning and maintenance of this development is deplorable,” he concluded.


Robbers nabbed by residents, police


Two robbers were caught on Wednesday by Moot residents and police offices after robbing a car dealer in Franzina Street. Both were shot and wounded. SAPS spokesperson, Ann Poortman, told local media that three or four robbers entered the premises and held employees hostage. They fled with a client’s black BMW and an Audi TT. The robbers started shooting at police and two of them were wounded during the shootout. One robber tried to flee on foot but was caught by by-standers. The second wounded robber was arrested in the black BMW while the other two escaped in the silver Audi TT. The investigation continues.

 Looming traffic nightmare


The Tshwane metro council last week approved the revised lane acquisition for a 7 km stretch of the city’s BRT system A Re Yeng – from the intersections of University Street and Lynnwood Road in Hatfield along Atterbury Road up to January Masilela Drive. According to the DA, the reduction of lanes will not happen without a fight. According to experts, it would be a traffic disaster to have only a single lane for all traffic in each direction.


Eskom hoax email goes viral


A hoax email, allegedly from Eskom, has gone viral, claiming that SA is facing an imminent two-week blackout. The hoax viral statement first surfaced in April this year. Eksom has, however, urged consumers to continue to use electricity ‘efficiently in order to minimise the risk of load shedding’.


‘Prostitute’ gets R50,000


According to media reports, Charlene Stoker and her (now former) husband Emile Drotsky, a former police inspector, were taken to Sunnyside police station on June 25, 2008, and initially charged for public indecency. This was despite the pair having done nothing but talk in the car. Police thought Stoker was a prostitute. The charge was later withdrawn and Stoker retaliated with a civil claim. The North Gauteng High Court ruled in favour of Stoker and the SAPS has to pay her R50,000.

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