Joint venture between SAPS and business owners


June 11 th, 2015

Adequate Safety is the key to the success of your business. On Wednesday, June 6 Captain F Kopa held a meeting at a shopping centre to create safety measures for business owners to prevent robberies, shop lifting, fraud, and general criminal elements, and to create clear lines of communication between SAPS sector 1 managers and local business owners. Attendees included   Zahid Afzal, Lunga Tamsanqa, Amir Hussain, M. Faisdi Muerstag, Obi, S. Zaman, Ahmed, Mike Djamba, Atif, Mitul Patel, Ali, Ahmed Afzal, Adanan, Rana, Mohemeed Balal and Waseem Ali. When asked about plans for the SAPS with regards to safety and security in the area, Captain Kopa stated that the SAPS is planning door-to-door awareness campaigns and volunteer recruitment programs. She further highlighted that through the business forum‘s executive committee, it should be easier for business owners to voice their concerns to the SAPS.  Among shared resolutions, Captain Kopa confirmed that the sector 1 operational plan is to be drafted with further consultation with local business owners, and further indicated that there will be increased police visibility and patrols by sector managers in the region. Vuma Electronics and Furniture pledged its support to the SAPS Trauma Counseling Centre and the neighbourhood soup kitchen.
The next meeting will be confirmed after the SAPS executive meeting to be held June 15, 2015 at Pretoria Central police station.




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