Poultry: USA’s deal removes SA’s jobs


June 13 th, 2015

Pretoria - Following the new agreement with the USA, SA’s poultry sector may lose up to R896m and 6,500 jobs, according to Ecofin. The African Growth Opportunities Act (AGOA) allows SA to export various products to the USA without custom regulations. Washington had put pressure on Pretoria by conditioning the renewal of AGOA access to the South African poultry market. Since 2000, US poultry had been demanding a 100% anti-dumping tax in this market. Director of Southern African Poultry Association, Kevin Lovell, said that if SA had done what it had been entitled to, there would have been more job losses. SA trade minister meanwhile said that measures were taken to minimize the impact of the agreement. The poultry market injects R37bn into SA’s economy and currently employs 13,000 people. 


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