4 suspects arrested for murder case



June 16 th, 2015

North West – Police arrested four men for the satanic murder of Grade 12 pupil, Reneilwe Seloadi (19). Seloadi went missing on June 6. Her served body was found on Wednesday in an isolated veld in Mothulung near Ga-Rankuwa. Her legs were cut off and the lower part of her body had been burned. The four suspects, all in their 30s, were seen with the victim on the day in question. Three of the four suspects were arrested for assault but were released on bail on June 12.  Residents protested, claiming to have evidence against the suspects. All four suspects have been re-arrested in connection with another investigation. SABC reported that one of the men was Seloadi’s boyfriend but according to a police spokesperson, none of the suspects were Seloadi’s boyfriend.

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