TraffickedSA children to be repatriated



A South African under-aged girl is suffering from malaria after being allegedly trafficked to Malawi, according to local reports

A sick 14-year-old girl and her 20-year-old relative are due to be repatriated after they were severely mistreatment.

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June 23 rd, 2015

A delegation, led by the Minister of Social Development along with Interpol, was heading to Malawi on Monday to bring home the trafficked children and their relatives.

The two teens from Mpumalanga were lured from their grandmother’s home in July by a woman claiming to be their former teacher. The woman allegedly promised the grandmother that she would send the girls to the United Kingdom to pursue their education.

According to the grandmother, the younger child had learning difficulties and the former teacher offered to take her to the UK to receive proper care from specialists which the grandmother could not afford.

Preliminary investigations by the Department of Social Development found that the girls had allegedly been physically abused and exploited by their former teacher.

The Minister of Social Development, BathabileDiamini, says there is a need for the society as a whole to be on their guard regarding human trafficking.The children are expected to be repatriated by the end of this week.

Lured with false promises

Human trafficking is on the rise in the United Kingdom, according to official sources in the UK. Officials noted that many of the victims are coming from African countries, especially from Nigeria. The girls are then forced into domestic slavery or prostitution.

Statistics show that more than 2,000 victims were reported to police in 2014. The figure includes 244 girls from Nigeria, which is 31% higher than in 2013.

Kevin Hyland, Britain’s anti-slavery commissioner, said the actual statistics are likely even higher. He said many of the victims are likely lured with false promises and then stripped of their identity documents and made to work as domestic cleaners or sex workers.

Britain’s Home Office said in December 2014 that there are 10,000 to 13,000 potential victims of slavery in the UK.






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