Water retention linked to hot weather

It’s hot! During the warmer months, many people’s feet become swollen due to water retention. Drinking water is not the solution. Instead, you should focus on the kind of food you eat to alleviate the swelling.  


January 28 th, 2015

The body waste evacuation is blocked

Water retention happens when the body’s waste is not eliminated properly through sweat or urine. This result in swollen feet, hands and ankles and a feeling of stiffness or aching coupled with weight fluctuations. Water retention can also be caused by protein deficiency which causes weakness of the liver to produce albumin. Thus water accumulates in one spot.  


Fluid retention is sometimes normal in women. Hormones may have triggered the manifestation of a swollen belly, breasts and feet which mostly happens a few days before menstruation or during pregnancy. This is completely normal and usually subsides when your menstrual cycle starts


Proper nutrition

  • White meat like fish and chicken.
  • Veggies.
  • Reduce salt: 4 to 6g per day is enough. The best advice is having salt at the moment of meal time. Check food labels for high sodium content and avoid them.
  • Herbal tea fights against water retention so you can drink it often.

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