Proper punishment for children

Punishing a child is not always easy, especially if one is a new parent. At what age should you start to punish him? What works?

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February 3 rd, 2015

At what age should you start to punish?

• Between 18 and 24 months, not sooner. Before this age, your toddler will not understand why he or she is being punished.

When should you punish?
• Punishment should not be postponed. Punish the deed immediately.

Are there some actions that you should not punish?
• Yes, there are certain deeds that you should not punish such as accidents. You cannot punish a child for accidentally breaking a glass or a plate. Utilise the situation to teach your child how to handle plates and cups properly to avoid future accidents.


The "right" punishment
• Time-out works well with little children. You put them on a chair, one minute per year. If your child is four years old, he should sit on time out for four minutes. If he coloured your couches, pack the pen away. Or ground him from his favourite TV show for the day. Punishment should be consistent. Never punish a child in anger!

What to do when the child objects?
• Explain what he has done wrong and why he’s being punished. Start with a positive affirmation such as: “I love you too much to allow you to misbehave like this.”


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