Dti (SA): 200 women trained in business

The Department of Trade Industry ( the dti) will be hosting a Certificate Award  to mark the completion of Governance Development Programmein Pretoria on 20 March 2015 , which aims is to empower women  and prepare them  for positions in the boards of public   and private entities. In its partnership with the Institute of Directors of Southern Africa (IoDSA) and the South African Women Entrepreneurs’ Network (SAWEN) , the dti  has to date  trained approximately 200 women . Among attendees, we expect delegates including decision-makers in the public and private entities as  well as business women who participated in the department’s Corporate Governance Development Programme.  The certificates will be handed out by the Deputy Minister of Trade and IndustryMzwandile Masina at the Corporate Governance and Ethics Seminar.The theme of the Seminar is “Corporate Governance: Our Business, Your Business”

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March 13 th, 2015




The Purpose of the seminar.

According to South African Government website, the purpose of the Seminar is to provide the best possible platform for a debate on the increasing importanceof good governance and ethical conduct in the private and public sector. Leaders from both public and private sector will apprehend what shouldconstitute ethical and good governance in daily business. Speakers will also reflect   on taking effective measures to curb corruption and above all to enhance transparency and corporate governance in companies.


“The dti has, through the Companies Act, 2008, come up with strategies to promote good corporate governance and ethics. One of the measures introduced for proper corporate governance is the Social and Ethics Committees (SECs) that were introduced to enable companies to take into consideration issues of ethics and how the companies’ decisions impact on stakeholders and the environment.


Deputy Minister Trade and Industry believes thatmore women need to betrained to tale positions in the boards of company. Ms Melody Kweba, a 43-year-old mother of three and an eMalahleni-based business woman operating in the mining industry, learnt about the Programme while she was attending the Global Women’s Summit in Malaysia. She then, attended the programme with other women. Upon completion, she expressed her personal view on the courses offered:“I would not hesitate to recommend the course for any business woman because corporate governance issues are crucial for any business or organisation. We need to equip more women in this country with the necessary skills and expertise to take their rightful positions in the boards of companies.These boards are still dominated by men.” “For women to make a meaningful contribution in the boards, they need to be developed. The dti Programme has proved to be really valuable in this regard,” added Kweba on South African Government website.


 In 2013, Grant Thorton's International Business Report revealed that  South Africa has  28% of senior management positions filled by women.  15% of South African women were represented on boards compared to 19% globally and 26% in the BRIC economies. Also CEO numbers   continued to be low although there was a slight improvement from 2012.











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