Thato Makgaka reportedly fell pregnant and gave birth to a baby named Oupa Junior.

Last year reports said Thato Makgaka (19) was pregnant and she gave birth to a baby whom she claimed Oupa Manyisa is the father.

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March 16 th, 2015

Bafana Bafana soccer star Oupa Manyisa denied he is not the dad and challenged Thato in Daily Sun to do DNA tests to prove that he is truly not the father of the baby, but Thato said she would raise the baby on her own.

In an interview with Daily Sun, he said,“I want to do DNA tests publicly. That girl is ruining my life with her lies. I don’t have a child with her and she should stop spreading lies that I’m the father of her baby.”

‘If meeting a person makes her call pregnant, clearly it is a miracle.’

Soon after this report, Thato wrote a six-page open letter to challenge him back saying that he has ruined her reputation.

She described in the open letter the pain and humiliation Oupa caused in her life. “You have caused me nothing but pain and humiliation”, she said. She also expressed disappointment on how Oupa dared denying publicly his child.




Thato replied to Oupa’s statement dated on 8 February ‘If meeting a person makes her call pregnant, clearly it is a miracle.’ The letter says “the only part you managed to correct was mentioning my miracle, the devil is a liar, if it wasn’t for my praying mother in that delivery room-on the 13th of Dec-then I write with a heavy heart that I would not hold my innocent son here today.”

She also added how Oupa would call her every morning to know how she and the baby were doing. She also claimed that Oupa begged her to convince her family not to bring the pregnancy to his family. She said that is a proof of cowardice; “You claimed to be a man but all you are is a coward.”

“Not only did you fool me, but my family too. You convince me not to take my pregnancy to your family and also wouldn’t give me the address, so that left me with no choice but to protect you.”

DNA test proven

DNA test was done at a pathologist lab in Joburg and DNA results prove he was indeed telling the truth. He is not the biological father. Oupa’s lawyer John Wilson  said, “From the onset my client denied being the alleged the alleged father of Ms Makgaka’s child and official paternity tests now confirm that my client is not the biological father.”







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