Flabba murder accused out on bail

The Alexandra Magistrate’s Court granted bail on Monday to Mangele, the woman accused of murdering her late boyfriend, hip-hop star, Nkululeko 'Flabba' Habedi (38).


March 18 th, 2015

Mangele appeared in court a week following her arrest and the murder. She entered the courtroom on Monday with her face covered with a hoodie. Only the magistrate could see her face. Court proceedings were attended by family members, lawyers and some media representatives.

Mangele pleaded not guilty, claiming she stabbed her boyfriend in self-defense because her life was in danger. “The state has a weak case against me. There isn’t one iota of evidence that I intentionally and unlawfully killed”, she said in her bail application.

Her attorney presented the court with a medical report which indicates that she had sustained multiple injuries on her upper body. It also emerged that she had intended to kill herself after stabbing her late boyfriend.

She said she should be freed because she did not disturb public order.

Bail was set at R10,000.

A source said that Mengele is a student and was on vacation when she stabbed her boyfriend to death. 

She has to inform the police if she intends to leave Gauteng and must report to Midrand police station twice a week.  The case has been postponed to 3 May for further investigation.

Laid to rest on Sunday

Mengele fatally stabbed hip-hop star Flabba in the heart during the early hours of Monday, 9 March, at his Alexandra residence in Johannesburg.

Following her arrest, police said the accused will appear in court within 48 hours.

Flabba made his claim to fame in the South African music industry after he had joined award-winning rap group Skwatta Kamp.

Many South Africans expressed heart-felt condolences to family and friends on social media.

Flabba was laid to rest in the West Park Cemetery on Sunday. Hundreds of fans, celebrities and government representatives attended the funeral.







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