entertaining and give long-life

We all know good sport is. It is better to remind you its multiple benefits in order for you to keep practicing it.  Refreshing:

The body secrets hormones called endorphin and dopamine when you exercise during 15 to 30 minutes. The muscles are relaxed and the whole body is refreshed. The body of those who practice sports secrets these hormones 5 times more than those who do not.

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March 24 th, 2015

Soothe the mind

Also, the body secretes a mood soothing hormone called serotonin. This one works to control our temper like anger, annoyance…Besides, many studies reveal that sports combat depression. However, it is recommended that sports should be practiced at regular times.


A physician from Harvard University said that the body suffers when it is passive, but regular exercise helps the body strengthen the immune system and boost antibodies.


Many people practice sports to stay physically fit. Sports and other physical activities are not only part of healthy lifestyle, but also add volumes to our body look.


Sports strengthen our body and keep it flexible. When you practice sports, you do not get tired easily because our body becomes still stores more energy.


Good for the heart

Some findings revealed that regular exercise reduces the risk of having vascular disease, brain disease, heart disease and diabetes. 10 minutes exercise will daily suffice.

Fight fatigue

Sports also fight gout disease, and reduce the risk of fatigue. If you do not have time for sports, you can take a walk to work or work in the garden. Those little physical activities are enough to keep health hazards at bay. Just make sure your body parts are moved.


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