Your daughter’s nails

There is no such thing as a 100% natural nail polish or cutex on the market.  Certified organic varnish is something of the past and is no longer available in shops. Unfortunately, all nail polish contains harmful chemicals which are even more dangerous for young girls. We take a look at some of these and discuss why it’s detrimental for younger children.

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March 24 th, 2015

Harmful chemicals

Studies have pointed out a possible danger for consumers, especially children. Some nail varnish on the market contains toxic formaldehyde and phthalates that may cause cancer. These substances in nail polish can penetrate the bloodstream and is circulated through the body. These chemicals might cause adverse skin reactions and may also affect her respiration system when inhaled.


Artificial nails

Our nails grow from the cuticle to the tip and your young daughter’s nail bed is very delicate. The nail matrix produces fibrous protein called keratin which gives solidity and strength to the nail. Keratin production in children is lower than in adults and a child is therefore physiologically no ready to wear artificial nails without the risk of damage to her nail bed. The effects of UV gels or resin on her nail beds are not trivial. Even if they meet various cosmetic criteria, nail varnish is definitely unhealthy for children.  



Water-based varnish for children appeared in recent years on the market. The water-based varnish is non-toxic, which is ideal for kids who often put their hands in their mouth. These water-based varnishes contain no solvents, are odorless, easy to apply, dry quickly, can last 7 days and are biodegradable.

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