A simple gift wrapping technique

This is a simple technique to wrap a gift.
• Remove the price on the package. Use a permanent marker to remove the price if you can’t remove the price tag.
• Provide a convenient box for the gift if there was no original box to facilitate wrapping. Close the box with a small piece of tape.  Don’t use too much tape otherwise the recipient will battle to open it.

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March 24 th, 2015

• Put the gift wrap on the table. Place the box on it and make sure the wrap completely covers the box. Add a bit more wrapping for style.
• Put the box upside down in the centre of wrap. When the person opens it, it will be on the right side. First cover the top of the gift. The second side should have the small style. Hold it with a small piece of tape.
• The top of the package should have a triangle shape, and hold it with a tape.
• Finally, take a strip of ribbon, like you are tightening the gift with a ribbon. The ribbon should be twice of the length of the box.

Add a little card with greetings to round off your gift.



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