Beautiful neck and chest

We often forget about the fact that our necks and chest need just as much attention and care as our faces. Our necks, chests and elbows are often neglected. Here are a few interesting facts and factors to consider. 


March 24 th, 2015

Things that destroy our look

Unfortunately, fat and curvy are not the same wrinkles add insult to injury. Wrinkles might be caused by:  

-     Pre-mature aging from sun exposure

-     Dehydration

-     Allergies

-     Fatty deposits from the neck down to the elbows. The skin doesn’t restore itself to it’s original state when a you rapidly lose weight so you’ll be stuck with excess skin and wrinkles.



-     A healthy diet is a must! Consult a dietician’s before you embark on a new diet adventure.   

-     Drink plenty of water regularly to prevent premature ageing and to keep your skin hydrated.

-     Generously apply sunscreen to your face and arms (and other exposed areas) to prevent pre-mature aging. .

-     Go to a spa for a relaxing body massage.

-     A regular exercise regime will relax all your muscles and you will look much healthier, too!

-     Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Use a body scrub twice a week and apply moisturiser to you face and neck. Ensure that your product is compatible with your skin type.


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