How do you clean a chrome metal faucet? Often these valves are clogged with limestone. Here are a few tips on how to remove lime spots and small spots from chrome.

Cleaning the tap

Clean the tap with a micro-fibre cloth

Clean a very dirty tap

Dip the micro-fibre cloth in a bit of alcohol and buff the tap.


March 24 th, 2015

Make the faucet shine

Sometimes the faucet or the valve is dull. A drop of cooking oil dripped on your micro-fibre cloth will restore the shine or pour a little wax on a cloth and rub the chrome. You can polish the tap with a  a chamois or a micro-fibre cloth.

Remove small spots

Gently rub with a dampened cloth sprinkled with baking soda. Dry and polish.

Remove small rust spots

Remove small rust spots by rubbing the affected areas with an onion cut in half.

Lime around taps

A tap with lime can be cleaned with a brush dipped in ammonia or rub the limestone with half a lemon and rinse it.


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