Airbus A320 crash: 150 die including 16 students

There are no survivors from the Airbus A320 crash on Tuesday morning at 10:53am in the French Alps. High school students and children were among the 150 victims on board. The plane, operated by Lufthansa, was to link Barcelona (Spain) and Düsseldorf (Germany).

The aircraft plunged into the mountains from 2,000 meters above sea level. More than 300 policemen and 380 fire fighters have been mobilised in the rescue mission, the crash site becomes a chopper zone dueto the inaccessibility of the area. Debris was spotted strewn across an area of several square kilometres. A black box was found and recovered but data from the flight recorder couldn’t be retrieved due to damage.

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March 26 th, 2015


Sixteen students in their tenth grade, aged 15 and younger, and two German teachers from Joseph-König High School of Düsseldorf were on board. They were returning from a Spanish-German linguistic exchange program at the Institute Giola in Llinars de Vallés near Barcelona. Students and teachers at the small-town German high school broke down in tears with candles in their hands. There were no lessons yesterday at the school. It is the first darkest day in the region’shistory. 

Among the 144 Spanish and German passengers and 6 flight crew members on board, two babies also lost their lives. The airline prohibits a passenger to have more than one childunder the age of two on board for security reasons and evacuation measures. Thus, at least two families have lost two direct family members in the crash. 

One of the Düsseldorf’s opera singers, Kazakhstan born bass-baritone (54) Oleg Bryjak, is also among the victims. According to Dusseldolf opera, he was to return to Barcelona where he played the character of Alberich in Richard Wagner’s operaSiegfried at the Gran TeatredelLiceu of Catalan Barcelona.

No sign of fowl play

The last technical inspection of the aircraft was performed in summer 2013 and the two pilots had 10 years of experience with 6,000 hours of flight. Thus, an eight-minute loss of altitude like that does not suggest a dive but some kind of controlled descent until something more catastrophic occurred. Experienced pilots can find at least an open space instead of cliffs for an emergency landing. However, the crash does not show signs of a terrorist act as debris from the plane are scattered over a space of nearly three acres. This shows that the aircraft did not explode.

Saved at the last minute

A Swedish football team’sthird division, which had planned to take the flight back to Barcelona – Düsseldorf,said they’ve been saved from the tragedy by a last minute plan changes.  The players and coach gave up the flight schedule because of long correspondence in Düsseldorf, Germany. They decided to take the last seats available on three different flights that took them through Zurich and Munich.

Within a year, the Germanwings flight was the third deadliest aircraft crash after AirAsia 8501, diving into Java Sea with 162 dead, and Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in which 298 people died.

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