Body language can deceive

Researchers say that 90% of communication is non-verbal. In other words, non-verbal communication is expressed through our body language and gestures. Our body language conveys more information about how we feel than is possible to articulate verbally. Those who study psychology can easily detect what is hidden in the back of our mind, even before we say a word.

Credit photo : (c) Rmarmion


March 30 th, 2015

What your body conveys

We may use different gestures and facial expressions when we are engaged in a conversation. When you put your hands on your lap, it indicates that you are submissive and pay close attention to the interlocutor. Sitting or leaning back conveys disinterest in a speaker's words or disagreement with the speaker. It also conveys boredom. Holding objects like pen or paper in front of your body indicates shyness and resistance.

Changing negative body language

It is therefore better to be aware of what you convey with your body language, especially when you go for a job interview or business meeting. Effective use of body language will support what you say.  Controlling habitual gestures can be very challenging. However, knowing what your body language conveys will enable you to change negative body language. 



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