Breast care

Our breasts are beautiful and one of our best trademarks, so to speak. Here are a few useful tips on proper breast care.

Age and anatomy

Our breasts are extremely sensitive. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity because our bodies do not produce as much collagen as it did in our 20s. As a result, our breasts start to hang because the skin lost its elasticity. We need to apply proper breast care to retain their shape.

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March 31 st, 2015


There’s more to buying the right bra than meets the eye. Your breasts should not protrude from the cups, the straps should not cut into your shoulders and the strap should not pull up at the back. You should wear your bra every day to support your back (in the case of big-breasted women) and to prevent the skin from stretching.

Hydro therapy

Hot water is another culprit that causes skin to lose elasticity. Cold water is ideal for breasts. Not all of us like to shower or bath in cold water though. Use the hand shower to spray cold water on your breast s, forming the figure eight.

There are several chest exercises you can do in front of the mirror. Stretch your arms out in front of you, hands against each other. Move your hands towards your chest, elbows facing outward. Push your palms against each other and repeat 20 times.

Remain in this position and raise your hands above your head with palms against each other. Move your hands down to your chest and repeat 10 times. Stand up straight and stretch your arms backwards.  Slightly move your arms up so that you feel your chest opening up. Repeat 20 times.


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