Luxury dining table

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you host a dinner party at home.

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March 31 st, 2015

Your table should not be too full. Avoid using glitter because they it sticks to everything and might end up in the food.


Your crockery should match the dish you serve. Plan your table setting once the number of guests has been confirmed.

Glasses and carafe
You can panache to your diner party with your glassware, including the use of carafes. Serve water, wine and juice in carafe instead of using bottles. Use different types of glasses for each beverage you serve. Always place champagne on ice.

You should always have two snacks dishes on the table: one large, one smaller. Place the fork on the left and the spoon on the right.  


A small flower arrangement in the middle of the table looks beautiful. It becomes a problem when it’s too big or too high. Your guests will not be able see each other or talk to each other.  Use flowers with a subtle smell because some guests might have a reaction to flowers with a strong fragrance.


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