Unbearable colleagues

There are many types of personalities, and it is most evident at our workplace. We need to understand their behaviour to keep our peace. 


March 31 st, 2015

1. The complainer
He criticises everything and sours the atmosphere in the workplace. So what to do? You change his views, even though it might be very difficult. When you talk to him, while eating lunch for example, don’t talk about work but about positive things.

2. The nosy parker
She’s forever sticking her nose in everybody’s business. It is impossible for her to not to talk about your personal life: you need to go to the hairdresser, it seems like you are always eating or you need to buy new shoes...Her remarks might anger you. To shut her up, you only need to tell her to start minding her own life and you’ll mind yours.

3. The hypocrite
We all know one: the colleague who often complains about the boss. But when the boss is around, he is kissing up so badly, it hurts. He doesn’t do his job properly and rides on other’s efforts while taking all the credit. You don’t need to share this with your boss. The hypocrite can only pretend for so long before getting caught out. Just focus on doing your job to the best of your abilities.


Tsiory Ny Rina

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