Child safety is no game

A 4-year-old Pennsylvania girl shocked the bus driver and passengers as she boarded a public bus alone in the middle of the night, in search of a slushy. Surveillance footage showed the girl boarding a Philadelphia bus at 3am on Friday and sat down alone. Upon noticing the child, the bus driver pulled over, called his control centre and waited for police to arrive, reported local authorities.

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April 1 st, 2015

Left home unnoticed in quest for slushy

It was a surprise to thebus driver and passengers when the little girl boarded the bus alone. He called the police while the passengers spoke to the child to determine where she’s going.

“The girl swung her legs in a seat as she chanted, ‘All I want is a slushy,’’’ driver Harlan Jenifer said. Authorities took the pint-size passenger, identified as Annabelle, unharmed to a nearby hospital where she was reunited with her grateful parents.

Her parents said they do not know how their daughter had managed to unlock the backdoor of her house to venture out on her own in search of her favourite beverage at a nearby convenience store.

"I will take you to buy a slushy," mother Jaclyn Mager told her daughter, who asked again for the drink during an interview with the local television station. "But...promise me next time you'll wait for me, okay?"

Mager said this would be her daughter’s first and last solo adventure. She repeatedly thanked all who helped bring her home safely, especially the bus driver.
"There are no words; he saved my daughter's life," she said of bus driver Harlan Jenifer.

Keep an eye on children during the festive week

During January’s festive week, 70 children were found wandering on SA beaches looking for their parents; most of them were age 7 or even younger. Though South Africa had deployed additional measures this year to ensure children’s safety, parents have the responsibility to pay close attention to their toddlers, especially during this festive week.  However, South African children apparently possess the intelligence to approacha police officer in case they get separated from their parents. Always stay close to your childrenbecause many people converge on different places on public holidays and during peak season. Vigilance will surely put them on the safe side and will reduce the risk of children getting lost.



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