Fabulous candy jar

Candy buffets are popping up at several types of functions like weddings, baptisms and anniversaries or graduation ceremonies. Make your party remarkable and different with some delicious inspiration. Here are some sweet ideas for a fabulous candy buffet.


April 1 st, 2015

Photo 1: As illustrated in the first photo, put the dragee inside a test tube. To show off the candy colours, mix and match two different colours according to your theme. Cover the tube with a cork and embellish with ribbons. 

Photo 2: A small jam jar is another beautiful way to show off candies. Use your favourite candies but be sure to use different colours for a fabulous display.

Photo 3: You can use a hermetic jar that is big enough for one family. You will be able to fit enough candies, gum balls and even chocolate balls into it. Display them with labels and a table sign to add a personalised touch. 

Photo 4: We’re using the test tube again but this idea will allow you to add more details. Use a heart-shaped glass for additional decoration. Use colourful ribbons that matches your table theme colours.   


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